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Preparation for an Estate Sale:

1. Do NOT remove things from cabinets and closets! It is not necessary for you to remove items that will be for sale from your cabinets and closets. This will save you and us a lot of time!

2. Dispose of any medications.

3. Remove all personal items before we begin work, including personal photographs and papers, ie: anything you'd like to keep.

4. Clean out refrigerator and disconnect ice maker, if to be sold.

5. Disconnect washer and dryer if to be sold, (esp. gas).

6. Do not throw anything away! We will determine if an item has monetary value.

7. Leave utilities and trash service operating. Keep homeowners insurance in force as well.

8. Keep any instruction booklets for any appliances or other household items to be sold.

**Important Note: People cannot be living in the house during the set-up of an estate sale and during the sale. The home must be unoccupied to have an estate sale inside of it.**

Selling Items BEFORE the Estate Sale Evaluation

Many people make this mistake and its understandable but please get your evaluation for holding a successful estate sale BEFORE you let dealers, friends or neighbors come through and pick out some or part of your best items.

These items are most likely the ones that will bring people to your sale and help us market your sale.

People that have expressed an interest in some of your things can come and buy everything they wish to buy on the opening day and this way all of your other items will sell as well, down to the last bar of soap!

House for SALE

If your house is for sale; please provide us with numerous flyers and we will be happy to place them in a prominent area and give them to anyone that asks for information.

It's the biggest open house you could possibly have and many houses have sold as a result of an estate sale.